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Bob’s Writing Is Consistently Thoughtful, Well Organized, And Concise

recommendation1I have had the privilege to work alongside Bob Weber in a number of courses at New England College. We even created a media kit together in a public relations writing class. Bob’s writing is consistently thoughtful, well organized, and concise. He has a strong but accessible voice, and he is highly dependable. Bob has been a pleasure to work with, fostering meaningful discussions about how to improve projects and responding graciously to new ideas or suggestions. Moreover, while I’ve primarily gotten to know Bob as a writer, I also got to view a video narrative that he created, and it was obvious that public speaking is another skillset that Bob brings to the table.

Michaela Zanello, Editor and Content Manager at

Bob’s Style Really Captured My Father’s Personality

For Shoulder to Shoulder with History Bob interviewed my father, James “Dink” Billingsby, a WWII vet who served in General Patton’s Army. I expected to read a summary of Q&A with my father but instead found Bob’s writing style to tell a more interesting story that drew me in. Bob wrote how my dad spoke, so the narrative didn’t read like a boring history book. He tied in his own personal memories/family WWII experiences to make his writing more personal and relatable. Instead of just summarizing my father’s answers about his WWII experiences, Bob’s style really captured my father’s personality, the interview itself, and how my father’s experiences made him the man that he became in his later years.

Allison Billingsby